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Direct Replacement for 41C4220A Gear and Sprocket Kit

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Direct Replacement for 41C4220A Gear and Sprocket Kit


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The gear and sprocket assembly is the most common part to wear out in a garage door opener. This is a after market replacement made by Napoleon Lynx and includes everything needed for quick installation. This is a high quality replacement that is proven to last longer then the original. The gear and sprocket assembly is fully compatible with 1/3 and 1/2 horse power single sprocket chain drive models made after 1984.  Compatible brands include; Chamberlain, LiftMaster and private labeled brands such as Access Master, Craftsman, Do It, Master Mechanic, Raynor and more.   There is no replacement for models made prior to 1984.  Please confirm compatibility in the reference charts in the "Compatible Models" tab.

Does not work on models with dual sprockets.  Use our product finder to get the correct part.

Replaces parts: 41A2827 and 41C4220

Direct replacement for 41C4220A gear and sprocket kit includes:

drive gear
helical gear
worm gear
bearing plate


LiftMaster Compatible Models
1000 1155 1255R 200WD 300WD 3265M
100WD 1160 1260 210WD 310WD 350
110WD 1240 1260LK 215WD 315WD 4000
1040 1240R 1265 220WD 320WD 4001
1045 1245 1345 2245 3245 450
1050 1245LK 1355 2255 3245M 5000
1060 1245R 140 2265 3255 550
1140 1250 150 240 3255M 985
1145 1255 2000 2565 3265  
Not all compatible models may be shown. Contact us with model number to confirm compatibility




Chamberlain Compatible Models
1100 48930D 711WHC CG40D PD210 PD600
1200 5100 7200 CG40D PD210D PD610
2100 6200 7220 CG420 PD212 PD610D
2200 700WHC 7320 HD200D PD212D PD612D
4100 701WHC 7420 PD100 PD300D PD612K
4200 710WHC 7520D PD200 PD300DM PD612KLD
Not all compatible models may be shown. Contact us with model number to confirm compatibility




Sears Craftsman Compatible Models
139.18847 139.18857 139.53225SRT 139.53225SRT1 139.53325SRT 139.53325SRT1
139.53335SRT3 139.53425SRT 139.53425SRT1 139.53525SRT 139.53535SRT1 139.53627SRT
139.53628SRT 139.53628SRT1 139.53629SRT 139.53629SRT1 139.53635SRT 139.53635SRT1
139.53636SRT 139.53637SRT 139.53637SRT1 139.53640SRT 139.53641SRT 139.53644SRT
139.53645SRT3 139.53646SRT2 139.53647SRT1 139.5364812 139.53648D 139.53648SRT2
139.53650SRT 139.53660SRT1 139.53661SRT1 139.53661SRT3 139.53662SRT 139.53662SRT1
139.53662SRT2 139.53670SRT 139.53670SRT1 139.53671SRT 139.53671SRT1 139.53671SRT2
139.53671SRT3 139.53672SRT1 139.53672SRT2 139.53672SRT3 139.53673SRT 139.53673SRT1
139.53673SRT2 139.53673SRT3 139.53674SRT1 139.53674SRT2 139.53675SRT 139.53675SRT1
139.53675SRT2 139.53677SRT 139.53677SRT1 139.53677SRT2 139.53677SRT3 139.53824SRT
139.53824SRT1 139.53834SRT3 139.53901DM 139.53903DM 139.53905DM 139.53910
139.53910D 139.53920D 139.53920DM 139.53930D 139.53930DM 139.539511
139.53959SRT 139.53960SRT 139.53962SRT 139.53970SRT 139.53971SRT 139.53973SRT
139.53974 139.53975SRT 139.53975SRT1 139.53976SRT 139.53977SRT 139.53978SRT
139.53982SRT 139.53985 139.5398511 139.53985D 139.53985DM 139.53989
Not all compatible models may be shown. Contact us with model number to confirm compatibility



Compatible with Access Master model: M385

Compatible with Master Mechanic models: 601MM, 621MM and 622MM.

Compatible with Do It models: 4500DIDM and 4500DI-2DM

Need help finding your model number? Contact us at

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I have a sears craftsman garage door opener 13935615SR I need the gear kit is there a chance that the model number on the unit is different I was wrong because it has 356 were all I can find is at 5:36
1 answers
I have a 1/4 hp chain driven.
Not sure where to find the model #.
It does have "132B1804" on one spot and "132A1805" on another if that helps.
I need the drive gear.
1 answers
Replacement chain gear for 2265-267
1 answers
I have a MasterMechanic 1/2 HP model #621MM, looking for the gear kit, is this the right part?
1 answers
Looking for the gear and sprocket repair kit for a sears craftsman garage door opener ( chain driven style) model number 139.18415SR 1/2 hp. Do you carry this one?iIf so how much is it and the shipping. Thanks So much.
1 answers
I have a 1/2 hsp sears motor. Will this work on it? Model # is 139.53606
Thankyou, Terry
1 answers
Do you have the nylon gears for Liftmaster 41A5021-1EATS
3 answers
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Exact fit for my 1/3 lift master Review by Jimyrae
This product is a perfect match and easy install. Had my garage door up and running in no time. Came with instructions that helped on resetting the door after it was all installed and I couldn't be happier! (Posted on 8/3/2016)
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